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Reports are at the heart of the Women's Refugee Commission’s advocacy. We produce groundbreaking reports on issues that have been ignored, such as reproductive health, disabilities and the links between livelihoods and violence against women. We produce assessments based on visits to refugee settings. Our reports include research findings, analysis and recommendations that will lead to meaningful changes in policy and practice. We also publish manuals and tools that guide humanitarian workers as they develop and implement programs.

Adolescent Girls

Adolescence is a critical time for girls: it is a unique opportunity to inspire and empower girls in the pivotal period between 10 and 19 years old. But when conflicts or crises displace adolescent girls from their homes, families and schools, they are thrown into peril.

Children and Youth

Our youth program works to ensure that displaced children and youth have opportunities to learn and grow so they can contribute to their communities and be able to one day support themselves and their own families.


Resources for addressing the needs and maximizing the potential of refugees and displaced persons who have disabilities. This includes the first major report on the subject, as well as field tools and practical guidance for field staff.

Gender Issues

It is essential to include women, girls, boys and men in refugee programs and decision-making, whether about reproductive health, livelihoods or promoting gender equality.

General Resources

Find out more about the work of the Women's Refugee Commission: read our brochure, fact sheet, achievements and more.

Guidance Documents

Read our guidance documents that provide key recommendations and guidelines for humanitarian practitioners working in displacement settings around the world.


Download our manual on livelihoods in humanitarian settings, which provides guidance to organizations to set up viable programs, and reports on the links between livelihoods and violence against women.

Migrant Rights and Justice

Our reports on women, children and families in immigration detention have led to changes in immigration policy and practice in the U.S. Read our landmark studies that have resulted in these changes.

Newsletters & Annual Reports

Read about our work over the years in our annual reports and newsletters.

Refugee Protection

Read our reports on refugee protection, trafficking, abuse and exploitation of refugees.

Reproductive Health

Read reports and manuals on: maternal and newborn health; family planning; sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS; and gender-based violence in refugee settings.

Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE)

After we conducted global research on the dangers faced by women collecting firewood in refugee settings, we produced guidelines to ensure safe access to cooking fuel. Read our reports and guidelines.

Disabilities Discussion Tool for Field Workers

This discussion tool is designed to help raise awareness among community workers, volunteers and displaced people about increasing access and inclusion for persons with disabilities in refugee and displacement contexts. It can be used by staff of organizations working with refugees and displaced persons, as well as community leaders and disability associations conducting sensitization with the wider refugee community.

The tool illustrates common barriers experienced by persons with disabilities in displacement contexts, as well as positive practices or approaches to promote inclusion.

Download the English Version (Not Editable)

Disabilities Discussion Tool for Field Workers

Download the Editable Version (for Translation)

This version of the discussion tool is made so that you can translate the text into any language. You can then use or share both printed and digital versions in your local language.

Disabilities Discussion Tool for Field Workers (Translatable Version)

Published: April 21, 2014
Modified: August 20, 2014

Resource Kit: Disabilities Among Refugees & Conflict-Affected Populations

A companion piece to the report "Disabilities among Refugees and Conflict-affected Populations," this resource kit provides practical guidance for UNHCR and humanitarian agency field staff. Major recommendations include making refugee camps accessible to people with disabilities and ensuring that they have full and equal access to the mainstream services that other refugees receive.

Published: February 01, 2010
Modified: August 20, 2014