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  • 2013 Voices of Courage Honorees

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    Dahabo Hassan Maow

    Dahabo photo for websiteOrphaned as an infant in Somalia, Dahabo Hassan Maow lost her leg after she was caught in crossfire at age 14. Unable to access sufficient assistance at the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps in Kenya, she was eventually referred to Heshima Kenya, an organization that supports unaccompanied refugee youth in Nairobi. Dahabo helped create the Maisha Collective, an entrepreneurship-training program designed to help vulnerable girlsmany who have disabilities of their ownearn and save money. She resettled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2010, which is home to over 50 percent of the U.S. Somali population. Dahabo is a role model for the potential of persons with disabilities to live full lives

    Read an interview with Dahabo to learn more. 

    Read Dahabo's acceptance speech.

    Atim Caroline Ogwang

    Atim Caroline Ogwang AtangaBorn in what is now South Sudan, Atim Caroline Ogwang lost her hearing when she was five when explosives left by the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels detonated when she was picking fruit. She is currently human rights, sign language and gender officer of a nonprofit organization called the Southern Sudan Deaf Development Concern (SSDDC). At SSDDC, Atim Caroline promotes and advocates for deaf girls’ education, organizes deaf women to work towards self-reliance and capacity-building and calls for the full inclusion and participation of women with disabilities in international development programs. Among Atim Caroline’s many talents, she advocates through a performance art called deaf story telling with music.

    Read an interview with Atim Caroline to learn more.

    Read Atim Caroline's acceptance speech.

    The Government of Australia

    Australia has demonstrated international leadership, supporting initiatives that develop the capacity of displaced persons with disabilities to lead full lives and make meaningful contributions to their communities. AusAID, Australia’s overseas aid program, has been at the forefront of championing disability-inclusive development and humanitarian work.

    Read an interview with Peter Versegi, Minister-Counsellor for AusAID at the Australian Mission to the United Nations, New York,here.

          2013 Voices of Courage Luncheon Event Details

    For additional information about the event, please contact the Women’s Refugee Commission Benefit Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 212.763.8590.