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  • Monthly Action Points August 2010

    The previous report from UNAMI, the UN mission in Iraq, only briefly mentioned women and failed to recognize the situation of women on the ground, in which women are often subject to “honor” crimes; women’s personal freedoms are increasingly curtailed; and women and girls are trafficked for prostitution, both inside Iraq and to neighboring countries. Given the upcoming UNAMI mandate renewal, the next report should provide information on:

    • Challenges facing women in electoral processes, both as candidates and voters; progress made in ensuring better participation of Iraqi women in the peace process and national reconciliation efforts;
    • Extent of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in Iraq and the specific protection interests of women, including UN efforts in providing technical support and expertise to the Iraqi government and civil society organizations on providing protection for women victims of violence, including sexual violence;
    • Progress of UN support to the State Ministry of Women's Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil society organizations in the process of developing a "National Strategy for the Advancement of Iraqi women;" and
    • Progress made to enhance Iraqi women's access to justice.

    The mandate renewal should include:

    • Provisions for programs to protect women and girls from sexual violence;
    • Women’s access to physical and mental health services;
    • Women’s access to employment opportunities; provision of legal assistance to those who have experienced sexual violence;
    • Appropriate training for police on violence against women; and
    • Provision of sufficient support for women at risk of forced prostitution.
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