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  • Disability & Resilience

    Disability & Resilience

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    Humanitarian response rarely identifies and leverages the coping strategies and capacities of women, children, and youth, and certainly falls short of engaging individuals within these groups to achieve resilience. As such, populations affected by crisis are viewed as recipients and beneficiaries of aid, rather than as partners with values and skills to contribute to their recovery and resolution to crisis. However, new programming models are emerging that focus on a resilience-based approach—emphasizing skills, capacities, strengths, and capital. WRC informs and influences the development and implementation of resilience-based approaches in humanitarian settings to improve outcomes for displaced women, children, and youth. We do this by (i) promoting the inclusion of women, children, and youth in programming models that emphasize their resilience, and (ii) advocating for humanitarian response that strengthens the capacities of women, children, and youth, in all their diversity.