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  • Reports on Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE)

    Protecting Women and the Environment in the Great Lakes Region

     Protecting Women and the Environment in the Great Lakes Region thumbnail
    An appraisal of the energy situation, and opportunities for protection, among displaced people in the Great Lakes region.

    This suite of studies documents needs, challenges, and potential solutions for safe access to cooking fuel and energy resources for displaced communities in the region. The project comes at a critical juncture, as the combination of natural population growth and long-term, large-scale, and frequent displacement put enormous pressure on the previously abundant natural resources.

    A key component of this project is to conduct assessments to determine current needs and challenges related to cooking fuel, protection risks, and environmental degradation in order to establish a baseline for future programming.

    Research Overview

    On overview of how to reduce violence toward and exploitation of displaced women in the Great Lakes region of Africa by ensuring safe access to appropriate, sustainable cooking fuel.

    Cooking in the Congo: A Technical Assessment

    This provides a better understanding of the current situation of the domestic energy sector in North Kivu – with a particular focus on cooking, and how it affects the lives of communities living there. It identifies lessons learned, positive practices, and the best choices in cooking technology.

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