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    The Syrian Confict

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    "Syria has become the great tragedy of this century - a disgraceful humanitarian calamity with suffering and displacement unparalleled in recent history,” says António Guterres, the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees. 

    Women’s voices are absent from current attempts to find a peaceful, sustainable resolution to the ongoing conflict. The hundreds of thousands of women and girls who fled Syria live with the heightend risk of gender-based violence that plauges displaced communities. Now, many are undertaking another perilous flight. 

    We have repeatedly researched the needs of Syrians in Jordan and Lebanon since the conflict began and and advocated for humanitarian response to better meet the needs of women and girls, including those with disabilities. For example, in Jordan, our Sexual and Reproductive Health team assessed the availability services for refugee women and girls: "Reproductive Health Services for Syrian Refugees in Zaatri Refugee Camp and Irbid City, Jordan."

    Photo:Alessio Romenzi / Corbis


    Top 5 Critical Needs of Refugee Women in Emergencies

    1. Prevention of Sexual and Gender-based Violence: Lights, cooking fuel, separate latrines.
    2. Response to Sexual and Gender-based Violence: Medical services, psychosocial support.
    3. Safe Delivery: Skilled birth attendants, clean delivery kits.
    4. Reproductive Health Care: Contraceptives, emergency contraception.
    5. Visibility: Where are adolescent girls, women-headed households, pregnant women, persons with disabilities?