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    Nationality laws in 27 countries worldwide prevent mothers from passing their nationality to their children on an equal basis with fathers. Over 60 countries deny women equal rights with men in their ability to acquire, change and retain their nationality, and to confer nationality to non-national spouses. This discrimination results in significant human rights violations and suffering for individuals and families, contributing to a myriad of problems. These laws are also in contradiction to international law, including state commitments to a number of international conventions.

    The Women's Refugee Commission coordinates the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights, the goal of which is to eliminate gender discrimination in nationality laws.

    The Women's Refugee Commission and the Statelessness Program at Tilburg University (Netherlands) published a report, Our Motherland, Our Country: Gender Discrimination and Statelessness in the Middle East and North Africa, based on field research in Kuwait and Jordan, which still maintain gender discrimination in their nationality laws, and in Morocco and Egypt, which have enacted nationality legislation to address statelessness.