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    In armed conflicts around the world, children and adolescents are subjected to egregious violations, such as sexual violence, killing and maiming, abduction, and recruitment and use as child soldiers. The day-to-day lives of these children are further disrupted by attacks on their schools and hospitals, and by the denial of humanitarian assistance.

    Although tangible progress has been made in recent years to hold perpetrators accountable and to prevent future violations, there remains an urgent need for more effective programs and policies to address the needs of children affected by armed conflict.

    Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict, now a program of the Women’s Refugee Commission, was formed in 2001 by a group of leading human rights and humanitarian organizations to improve the monitoring and reporting of violations against children.

    Watchlist is governed by a Steering Committee composed of seven international NGOs:

    Watchlist strives to protect children in war zones. Together with our local and international partners, we strategically collect and disseminate information on violations against children throughout the world and use this information to advocate for change.

    Learn more about Watchlist.