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    Reform of the United States’ immigration system is long overdue. Our current immigration system is badly broken. It tears thousands of families apart every year; fails to protect unaccompanied children who find themselves in this country alone and unprotected; and fails to recognize the unique contributions and protection needs of immigrant women.

    The Women’s Refugee Commission acknowledges the importance of ensuring rule of law and protecting against genuine threats, however, the security of our country’s borders should not come at the cost of undermining our nation’s traditions of due process and at the expense of the human rights of migrants.

    What We’re Doing:

    MRJ spear-heads efforts to ensure that due process rights and the protection needs of women, children and families are not left out of immigration reform. We work with Congress and the Administration to provide law, policy and research-based expertise for critical and practical solutions for immigration reform. MRJ has also taken a leadership role in national advocacy efforts bringing together the community and grassroots organizations with other national advocacy partners.

    In partnership with many other organizations across the country, MRJ drafted a list of principles that are based on our core American values and voicing what is important to Women and Children.

    Our Response:

    Read up on the President's and Congress's proposals for immigration reform: