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    Obama Border “Surge” Restarts Family Detention, Fast-Tracks Deportation Of Children

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    President Barack Obama on Monday made two major immigration-related announcements that rights groups and immigration advocates say are not only incongruous but could violate multiple international rights obligations….

    On the other hand, the president formally pushed lawmakers to grant him some $2 billion in additional border-enforcement funding, as well as new authorities to significantly speed up a deportation process that has already reached record levels under the Obama administration.

    “The fact is there is no way to humanely detain families,” Michelle Brane, director of the Migrant Rights and Justice Program at the Women’s Refugee Commission, a rights group, told journalists on Monday.

    “Further, using detention as a deterrent is a violation of international law and has never been shown to work … International law also doesn’t allow [victims of violence] to be sent back to their tormenter. Yet the U.S. government is not mentioning that these children need protection.”

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