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  • Early relationships and marriage in conflict and post-conflict settings: vulnerability of youth in Uganda

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    This article by Jennifer Schlecht et al in Reproductive Health Matters (June 2013) presents factors that contribute to early relationships and informal marriages in conflict and post-conflict settings, based on qualitative research undertaken among two distinct populations in Uganda.

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    New Approaches to Urban Refugee Livelihoods

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    Dale Buscher has an article in Refuge, Canada’s peer-reviewed refugee periodical published by York University in Toronto. The article presents findings from assessments undertaken by the Women's Refugee Commission in Kampala, New Delhi and Johannesburg, and lays out strategies to address the challenges confronting urban refugees’ ability to enter and compete in the labor market.


    Refugees and displaced persons with disabilities – from ‘forgotten’ to ‘vulnerable’ to ‘valuable’

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    Emma Pearce, program officer, disabilities, has an article in Forced Migration Review's special 25th anniversary edition about the needs and rights of persons with disabilities among displaced populations.

    Making work safe for displaced women

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    Dale Buscher has a new article on Forced Migration review discussing displaced women and their need for opportunities to make a living for themselves and their families without increasing their vulnerability.

    Adolescent sexual and reproductive health in humanitarian settings

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    Mihoko Tanabe, program officer, reproductive health program, is co-author of "Adolescent sexual and reproductive health in humanitarian settings," in this issue of Forced Migration Review.

    Using technology to help save mothers and babies

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    Sandra Krause, director, reproductive health program, and Diana Quick, director of communications, write about the Mama: Together for Safe Births in Crises, in this issue of Forced Migration Review that focuses on innovative uses of technology.

    Unequal in Exile: Gender Equality, Sexual Identity and Refugee Status

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    Dale Buscher, senior director for programs, has an article in the Amsterdam Law Journal. The international humanitarian community is tasked with protecting the most vulnerable populations, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and intersex (LGBTI) refugees. While international law protects these rights in theory, in practice they are often not met and flagrantly disregarded by many refugee-hosting governments. Having fled persecution in their home countries, many then face other—often equally serious—risks in the countries where they are trying to resettle. Read the article.

    Fuelwood: getting it right

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    Forced Migration Review 36, which focuses on the Democratic Republic of Congo, has a series of articles on cooking fuel, one based on information from our website and one about the SAFE workshop we conducted in DRC. Read the article

    Refugee Women: Twenty Years On

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    Dale Buscher, director of protection, has an article in Refugee Survey Quarterly (Vol. 29, No. 2). The edition is devoted to gender equality and refugee women. In the lead article, “Refugee Women: Twenty Years On,” Buscher describes progress made since UNHCR released its first Policy on Refugee Women in 1990, including in the areas of reproductive health and gender-based violence, and outlines issues that require further attention, such as the gap between knowledge and practice, and the protection risks women continue to face in camps. Read the article.

    Disabilities among refugees and conflict-affected populations

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    Rachael Reilly, who wrote our disabilities report and toolkit, writes about disabilities among refugees andconflict-affected populations.

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