We Stand With Refugee Women and Girls

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At a time when violence has forced record numbers of people to flee their homes, the Women’s Refugee Commission urges the incoming Administration and Congress to maintain strong bipartisan support for life-saving humanitarian assistance and unwavering leadership on the protection of human rights, including the right to asylum.

We know from our own work in humanitarian crises that it requires added vigilance and targeted programs to ensure that all refugee women, girls, and youth are safe, have full access to quality reproductive health services, are able to attend school, and have opportunities to earn income for themselves and their families. That’s why we will continue to champion their rights and empowerment. And why we will advocate at every turn for sustained U.S. leadership on promoting gender equality and ending gender-based violence around the world.

Here at home, the WRC will maintain focused advocacy on the U.S. responsibility to respect the human rights of migrants and asylum seekers. This means access to fundamental due process, humane treatment, right to family unity, and protection from gender-based violence.

This work has never been more important.