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    Profiles of Maternal and Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings: Conflict in Syria

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    As Omar Robles of the Women’s Refugee Commission explains, “When women and girls are displaced from their homes, the rigid, gendered expectations associated with motherhood and caregiving travel with them. Displacement doesn’t put a halt to maternal health needs or risks, it exacerbates them.”

    Treating separated kids like unaccompanied minors could backfire on the Trump administration

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    “Many of the parents were told that signing a document relinquishing their rights or their request for asylum was the only or the fastest way to be reunified with their children,” said Michelle Brané, director of the Migrant Rights and Justice Program at the Women’s Refugee Commission, and a member of the steering committee set up by the ACLU to track down deported parents.

    Almost all asylum-seeking families show up for court, report finds

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    Michelle Brané of the Women’s Refugee Commission said that DHS should also take into account people who win their cases and are allowed to stay, as well as people whose cases last for more than a year and are still waiting for their court dates.

    Language Barriers Lead ICE to Rip Children From Their Indigenous Parents

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    “There just aren’t that many interpreters available,” Michelle Brané, director of the Women’s Refugee Commission’s migrant rights and justice program, told The Daily Beast. “The fact that the parents have already been deported, and that a lot of [family reunification efforts] are going to have to happen by phone, mixed in with the language difficulties, makes this a life-or-death issue.”

    Administration Must Still Reunify, DACA Maybe Back On & Immigration

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    According to numbers released last Thursday evening, of the approximate 2551 children and youth eligible for reunification, HHS had identified 386 children with parents who have been removed and in another country. HHS indicated that through the Office of Refugee Resettlement parents of 299 children had been contacted by that point. The Administration informed Judge Dana Sabraw that they were also forming a working group within the Administration to effect the reunification.

    The ACLU has also formed a steering group to assist in the reunification with the groups Kids in Need of Defense, the Women’s Refugee Commission and Justice in Motion part of that ACLU led effort. The Department of Justice has said that 163 parents have indicated a desire against reunification. Critics question what that means. In early August Judge Sabraw told the Administration that “The reality is that for every parent who is not located, there will be a permanently orphaned child and that is 100 percent the responsibility of the Administration.”

    Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne, Lila Downs, Steve Earle & Special Guests The Lantern Tour

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    Emmylou Harris, has announced a performance at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on Saturday, October 27 as part of the Lantern Tour: Concerts for Migrant and Refugee Families with special guests, Jackson Browne, Lila Downs, Steve Earle & more.

    The Lantern Tour brings together art and advocacy to stand with families seeking safety at the U.S. border and the nightmare that has become their existence. From separating families to detaining them to making it harder for people to claim asylum, migrant and refugee families – including children – are under attack by the Trump administration. The Women’s Refugee Commission is at the front lines – at the border and in detention centers – to protect the rights and lives of women and children fleeing danger and crisis. The concerts will feature an evening of acoustic music by legends in the music industry that will allow us all to unite our voices in song and solidarity. Proceeds will go to benefit the Women’s Refugee Commission.

    Graham Nash: Five Essential CSNY Songs

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    Since his days in the Hollies and most significantly, with FUV Essentials artists Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Crosby, Stills and Nash, Graham Nash has never shied from seeing the political landscape as very personal to him. His committment to social activism has never waned. This October, Nash will embark on "The Lantern Tour" concerts for migrant and refugee families with his old friends Jackson Browne, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Steve Earle, Mary Chapin Carpenter and others to benefit the Women's Refugee Commission. In addition, Nash will embark on a solo North American tour this autumn too.

    “I Was Taken to a Huge Cage”

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    One such watchdog was Michelle Brané, director of the Migrant Rights and Justice program at the New York City–based Women’s Refugee Commission, who spent time in immigration processing centers in McAllen, Texas. She was there to monitor conditions and treatment of children under the Flores Settlement Agreement, a 1997 court decision that requires the government to maintain a certain quality of life for detained minors and release them without unnecessary delay.

    Six migrant kids separated from parents still in LI shelter

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    “Just as a matter of logistics, it’s just that much more complicated because we are talking about international borders," said Leah Chavla of the Women’s Refugee Commission in Washington, "and we are talking about people who are far apart now and they are not all under the U.S. government custody the way the kids are.” 

    Opinion: Safe spaces can unlock girls’ potential — when we get it right

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    According to the Population Council, conventional programs designed for young people do not reach the most marginalized girls. If we want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we cannot overlook the world’s 200 million poorest girls. The I’m Here approach, developed by the Women’s Refugee Commission and the Population Council, can help identify and include the most vulnerable adolescent girls in safe spaces.

    Judge Praises Feds’ Plan to Reunite Immigrant Families

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    The ACLU has also designated its own steering committee, headed by the law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison to work with the government on reunifications. The nongovernmental organizations Kids in Need of Defense, Women’s Refugee Commission and Justice in Motion will also help with facilitating communication between parents and kids.

    As Long as Women Are Detained at the Border, Their Pregnancies Are at Risk

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    “Women’s Refugee Commission has tracked the detention of pregnant women in ICE custody for many years,” says Katharina Obser, a Senior Policy Adviser of the Women’s Refugee Commission. “In 2016, ICE issued a new policy that included a presumption of release for many pregnant women, called for regular review of their custody if they were detained, and also included stricter oversight of their care. But by the summer of 2017, we increasingly heard of more cases of pregnant women who were not only detained, but also receiving inadequate care, practices counter to ICE’s own policy.”

    ACLU Strains To Clean Up Trump Administration’s Family Reunification Mess

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    “It’s going to require a really collaborative effort, given the magnitude of what we’re facing,” Leah Chavla, an international human rights lawyer and policy advisor with the Women’s Refugee Commission, told The Daily Beast. “It’s kind of ridiculous that we have to step into these big big gaps that [the Trump administration] left—it shows a callousness, and that the intent is not really to facilitate reunification.”

    “The government needs to step up and act in some way, make more information available to advocates,” Chavla said. “Something needs to happen—we are stepping in because the government failed.”

    Feds report good progress tracking down hundreds of deported parents in reunification effort

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    The ACLU’s committee will be headed by corporate New York law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison and include Kids in Need of Defense, or KIND, Women’s Refugee Commission and Justice in Motion.

    Women’s Refugee Commission Joins Ohio Legal and Pediatric Experts to Discuss the Southern Border Refugee Situation

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    Katharina Obser, Senior Policy Advisor, Women’s Refugee Commission said, “In the wake of its unconscionable separation policies that created this chaos, now the Trump administration insists on perpetuating a false choice between separating asylum-seeking families or detaining them as a solution. 

    Civil groups lead efforts to reunite children with deported parents

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    Other civil society organizations such as Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), Al Otro Lado and the Women's Refugee Commission are also involved in efforts to find parents.

    Family separations have ended, but children risk being 'permanently orphaned'

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    “What we’re left with is the harder cases,” said the director of the migrant rights and justice program at the Women’s Refugee Commission, Michelle Brané. “My concern is the government seems in some ways to have washed their hands and said ‘we’re done’.”

    Graham Nash Releases New “Teach Your Children” Video; Announces Fall 2018 North American Tour Dates

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    In addition to his solo tour, Nash will join Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne, and others on The Lantern Tour’s New York City date at Town Hall. The Lantern Tour will benefit the Women’s Refugee Commission and their advocacy on behalf of migrant and refugee families seeking safety at the U.S. border.

    Graham Nash On the Importance of Fighting Injustice: 'We Are Better Than This'

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    As the government struggles to reunite migrant families separated at the U.S./Mexico border as a result of President Donald Trump's zero tolerance policy, musicians are coming together to support the families seeking refuge.

    Among the initiatives is The Lantern Tour: Concerts for Migrant and Refugee Families, a five-date outing starting Oct. 23 that will feature artists such as Graham Nash, Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne and Mary Chapin Carpenter, which will benefit the Women's Refugee Commission.

    [WATCH] ‘Unacceptable’: Judge rejects government’s plan for reuniting remaining separated families

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    What is the plan to reunite hundreds of parents, many already deported from the U.S., with their children who remain in custody of U.S. immigration officials? The Trump administration and the American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday submitted widely divergent ideas to the court. Amna Nawaz talks with Michelle Brané of the Migrant Rights and Justice on Program at the Women's Refugee Commission.