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  • Cooking Fuel in and Around Nzulo and Shasha Displacement Sites

    An assessment of the risks incurred when women and girls seek fuel for household energy needs, and of the decreased risk after the introduction of fuel-efficient stoves. 

    The findings from this end-line assessment suggest that the exposure to risk of violence faced by the IDPs decreased after the introduction of fuel-efficient stoves. This reduction is primarily evidenced by fewer firewood collection trips and less time spent collecting firewood after the distribution of the fuel-efficient stoves and at the time of the end-line. In addition, participants reported that they were spending less money on buying firewood and were earning more money overall after receiving fuel-efficient stoves. While the introduction of fuel-efficient stoves created a number of positive outcomes, much more needs to be done to ensure the security and well-being of these communities. In particular, the lack of adequate food remains the main concern for people living in both the Nzulo and Shasha displacement sites.

    • Modified: Thursday, May 19, 2016
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