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    August 2013

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    Gender-Based Violence: Taking Action in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    In recent months, a new wave of violence has flared up in the eastern region of the DRC, forcing an estimated 66,000 people to flee to Uganda. The majority of these new refugees are women, children and youth, who are vulnerable to the brutal sexual violence that has so often characterized conflict in this area. On July 25th, Secretary of State John Kerry presided over a high-level Security Council meeting to discuss peace and security in the DRC, and urged national leaders to commit to concrete actions.

    READ: Our blog on how investing in alternative cooking fuel programs can help prevent sexual violence in the DRC.

    Disabilities: Bringing Communities Together to Solve Problems

    Communities are usually best placed to identify and implement solutions to their problems. Outsiders often only see and tackle the most visible needs and miss opportunities for addressing underlying issues and engaging communities and tapping their capacity.

    WATCH: This short video, produced by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees with the WRC, to see an example of how community-based protection addresses disability inclusion.

    Reproductive Health: Stories from the field

    An adolescent girl finds the courage to speak up and avoid early marriage. A woman forced to turn to sex work to provide for her young son gets healthcare and support. An adolescent boy sheds misconceptions about HIV/AIDS after a sexual health workshop. In refugee camps and urban areas around the globe, our partners are working to deliver reproductive health information and services where it is needed the most.

    READ: Stories of how our global partners are addressing the reproductive health needs and changing the lives of refugee women, children and youth.

    Online: The Rise of Social Media in the Humanitarian Field

    Social media is being increasingly used as a tool in the humanitarian field, both to help organizations raise awareness about important issues and share their message, but also to help workers on the ground gather information, map conflicts and crises, and better respond to emerging needs. The Women’s Refugee Commission recently participated in a workshop on social media and emergencies at the United Nations, where social media managers from a variety of UN agencies and NGOs shared their experience using social technology to collaborate, innovate and ultimately achieve results.

    FOLLOW: Our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the latest updates on refugee women’s rights and humanitarian issues.

    New York CITY: Corporate leaders get to know the wrc

    Leaders from New York City’s top corporations gathered at Italian Wine Merchants in late July to learn more about the Women's Refugee Commission at an event organized by WRC board members Jocelyn Cunningham and Deborah Walton. Executive Director Sarah Costa briefed attendees on the Syrian refugee crisis and the WRC’s work. In addition to donating a portion of sales from the event to the WRC, Chris Deas, Vice President of Italian Wine Merchants has generously offered to donate 15% of any purchase by our friends and supporters now through September 17th. See box below for details.

    Visit the Italian Wine Merchants' website and browse their international wine list. When you have made your selection, stop by the store or call or email with your order and mention the Women’s Refugee Commission to have 15% of the value of your purchase donated to the organization!