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    November 2014

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    Locking Up Family Values, Again

    President Obama’s recent executive action will protect millions of hardworking family members from being permanently separated from their loved ones. In the last six months, however, the U.S. has also returned to the cruel and unjust system of family detention for families that have crossed our borders seeking safety and asylum.

    Locking Up Family Values, Again documents abuses that are occurring in family detention facilities, and the harm that detained children and parents experience as a result. 

    Practical solutions, such as a spectrum of alternatives to detention, are effective on many levels. They protect children and their mothers from the trauma and abuse of detention. Alternatives can provide adequate time for the justice system to fairly assess asylum claims. They result in high compliance with court appearances, and their cost is a fraction of the cost of detention.

    LEARN WHY family detention should be abolished, and how we can replace it with effective alternatives to detention.

    Giving Tuesday

    After celebrating on Thanksgiving and braving crowds on Black Friday, don’t forget to change the world on Giving Tuesday.

    Your gift to the Women’s Refugee Commission will help us conduct research missions in a dozen countries. Your contribution will help shape refugee policy at the highest levels, making sure that it’s formed with women and children in mind. Your donation will help us train humanitarian workers and support refugee programs, ensuring that on-the-ground staff are applying cutting-edge findings.

    GIVE GENEROUSLY on Giving Tuesday, and share the gift of hope with refugee women and children. 

    Amazon Smile

    As holiday shopping ramps up, your online purchases can help refugee women and children. The Women’s Refugee Commission will receive a portion of the purchase price when you designate WRC as your charity of choice at smile.amazon.com—at no extra cost to you!

    Follow these two easy steps: 

    1. Visit this link to sign up: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/46-3668128
    2. Whenever you shop at Amazon, remember to type in smile.amazon.com first, and a percentage of that purchase will support refugees. 

    HEAD TO SMILE.AMAZON.COM, and your holiday gifts will bring hope to refugee women and children.

    The Intersection of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Disability

    Refugees with disabilities have been largely excluded from recent advances in sexual and reproductive health programs. Our latest reports examine the specific risks, needs and barriers that refugees with disabilities face in accessing sexual and reproductive health services—and of their capacities and practical solutions to overcome these challenges.
    These twin reports look at refugees in two different situations:

    LEARN HOW WE CAN HELP REFUGEES WITH DISABILITIES to access the sexual and reproductive health programs they need. 

    16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

    Militarism is a major force that drives women and girls from their homes, turning them into refugees. It infuses violence into a society, so that women and girls continue to suffer its effects even after conflict has subsided. So this year’s theme--Let’s Challenge Militarism and End Gender-Based Violence--is especially important.

    The WRC is working to both prevent and address gender-based violence against refugee women and girls. We incorporate this work in many programs, including livelihoods, adolescent girls, SAFE Access to Fuel and Energy, disabilities, ending prison rape, and sexual and reproductive health.

    VISIT OUR WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER between November 25 and December 10, and keep up with the latest findings on preventing and addressing gender violence.