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  • SRH & Adolescents

    © Peter Biro/IRC
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    Displaced adolescents are vulnerable to a host of difficulties that affect their sexual and reproductive health. The stakes are highest for adolescent girls, who face a high risk of gender-based violence (including sexual violence, exploitation and abuse, trafficking, and early and forced marriage).

    Refugee adolescents have limited access to health care, especially care that protects their sexual and reproductive health including protection from sexually transmitted infections and contraception. They face dangerous complications in childbirth and increased risks to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. They may resort to trading or selling sex to meet their basic survival needs.

    Access to sexual and reproductive health care and education is life-saving in crisis-affected settings. Adolescents should be made aware of their right to access these services—and so should parents and community leaders.

    The Women’s Refugee Commission is working to improve the health and lives of crisis-affected adolescents by identifying needs and gaps in current services, supporting adolescents’ capacities, and advocating for programs that provide vital access to sexual and reproductive health services and education.