Building Resilience for Sexual & Reproductive Health

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When a crisis strikes, the ideal responders are locals who are already present, familiar with local norms, fluent in local languages, and intimately acquainted with both needs and human resources. Yet the international community frequently neglects local capacity, when preparing for an emergency, and works in parallel to it—instead of with it—once a crisis strikes.

Natural and political crises often recur, so we can predict which communities are most likely to be affected. By building community capacity before crises, we can strengthen systems to protect women and meet their needs in the most chaotic stages of a crisis.

Recent initiatives to integrate sexual and reproductive health into emergency and disaster risk management for health have yielded many lessons. WRC is dedicated to developing a strong evidence base of best practices in building national resilience to prevent SRH from being side-lined at the community level, laying the groundwork for optimal response when crises occur.