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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Wake Up Call: Women Trapped by Domestic Violence, Prevented from Receiving Pre-Natal Care in Cote d'Ivoire

“'What is the problem? The goats and the sheep give birth without any assistance, why not my wife?'”

This is a quote from a man in one village on Ivory Coast who refused his pregnant wife permission to get a pre-natal check-up. In this village, women don't have the right to decide to have a prenatal check-up- they must get permission from their husbands.

In this week's featured Wake Up Call video, Monika Bakayoko-Topolska, from our affiliate organziation the International Rescue Committe, shares her story. Shocked by how low a woman's postion was in her community, she channeled her outrage toward raising awareness among the village, whose women she knew had the strength to create change.

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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence