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Court Halts Trump Administration's Executive Order On Immigration

On Friday, a federal judge in Seattle temporarily blocked President Trump’s immigration order from being enforced nationwide, allowing visa holders from seven predominantly Muslim countries to enter the U.S.

While the legal fate of the executive order is still undecided, it is a “fundamentally bad policy that is antithetical to American values,” says Michelle Brané, WRC’s Director of the Migrant’s Rights and Justice Program.

“The order and the manner in which this executive order has been implemented endangers the lives of refugees, betrays American values, and does not make us safer.  The United States is a country that prides itself in the pursuit of equality for those of all backgrounds and religious beliefs. We stand for justice, freedom from oppression and leadership in welcoming people of all faiths and nationalities. We urge the Trump administration to reverse this policy.”


For more information contact: Michelle Brane, michelleb@wrcommission.org