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NEW YORK, NY – Continuing its attack on women’s health and rights, the Trump administration today issued – via the United States State Department – full guidance on implementation of the global gag rule, also known as the “Mexico City Policy.”

The global gag rule, which was re-introduced on January 23, prohibits U.S. funds from going to any organization that provides abortion services, refers patients to services, or even discusses abortion. The Trump administration’s global gag rule is a massive expansion of the restriction to family planning funding and applies to all global health funding including programs that focus on HIV/AIDS, maternal and child survival, malaria, and more.

In response to today’s announcement, Sarah Costa, executive director of the Women’s Refugee Commission issued the following statement:

“The Women’s Refugee Commission condemns today’s action which will have devastating effects on the health and rights of women and girls globally. We are deeply concerned that organizations that provide foundational health services for women and girls will be hamstrung by this deadly policy.”

“The data is clear. The global gag rule leads to the shuttering of health clinics, elimination of essential services, and puts women’s lives at risk. At a time when women, children, and youth are seeing their health and rights threatened by conflict and crisis, we should be doing more not less to ensure their health and survival across the board.”

Today’s State Department announcement comes on the heels of proposed plans by the administration to eliminate the Office of Global Women’s Issues at the State Department, White House plans to cancel the global education program, “Let Girls Learn,” and at the start of “National Women’s Health Week.”