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Global Refugee Forum 2023 Youth Leadership in Action Pledge Cover Image

Global Refugee Forum 2023: Youth Leadership In Action — Global Multistakeholder Pledge to Support Work with, For, and By Young People in Displacement


The Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) proudly announced a series of pledges at the Global Refugee Forum 2023, including this multistakeholder pledge with the the Global Refugee Youth Network on youth leadership in action. The forum is the largest international gathering on refugees, held December 13-15 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Pledge: We pledge to work towards humanitarian and refugee response systems thatintegrate humanitarian, peace building, and development approaches; ensure theinclusive and systematic acknowledgement of young people’s rights, needs, andcapabilities – including those of all abilities, genders, ethnicities, and other aspectsof diversity; recognize value of youth-led action and the work young people arealready doing, including strengthening systems and structures; and empower youngpeople as critical partners, decision-makers, and leaders across all refugee contexts.

Youth Gender and Social Inclusion