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Protection Needs and Risks of Refugees and Migrants Traveling in Caravans


Recommendations to the Government of Mexico

The Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) acknowledges the efforts that the government of Mexico has taken to address the needs of refugees and migrants traveling in caravans through its territory since October 2018. While Mexican authorities, civil society, and international organizations have shown generosity and humanity, there are considerable protection and service provision gaps that put members of the caravan, particularly the most vulnerable, including women and children, at high risk. Indeed, people have already died in Mexico while trying to reach the United States.

To prevent more lives from being lost, Mexico needs to move from temporary, ad hoc, reactive responses to a rights-based, gender- and age-sensitive comprehensive policy. By doing so, it will honor its domestic and international obligations to refugees and migrants, ensure adequate humanitarian relief to people on the move, and address the root causes of displacement.

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