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Statement and Action Agenda from the Girls in Emergencies Collaborative


The Girls in Emergencies (GiE) Collaborative—a group representing several humanitarian response and research organizations—focuses on the adolescent girl because evidence reveals that she not only faces a multiplicity of risks during a crisis but also because she remains invisible, unprotected, and unengaged particularly in the crucial first 45 days of a crisis. Current practice lags behind field realities. To the extent that we identified “good practices,” these are small in scale and implemented too late. To catalyze change in humanitarian policy and programming, GIE members drafted and committed themselves – individually and collectively – to this statement and action agenda.

The Women’s Refugee Commission is a founding member and currently co-coordinates the Girls in Emergencies Collaborative. Members believe evidence-based shifts in humanitarian practice can measurably mitigate adolescent girls’ risks and yield better results. We believe doing better for and with girls in emergency settings is possible. 

Adolescent Girls Climate Gender and Social Inclusion Rights and Justice One-pagers