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ReliefWeb: Operational Update: Disaster Relief Efforts Continue in Mexico and Morocco

Over the past seven days, Direct Relief has delivered 542 shipments of requested medical aid to 45 U.S. states and territories and 16 countries worldwide.

The shipments contained 10.3 million defined daily doses of medication and supplies, including insulin, vaccines, emergency hygiene kits, and personal care products.

Since the devastating magnitude 6.8 earthquake that shook Morocco in September, AMSF (L’Asociation Marocaine de Sages femmes or the Moroccan Midwives Association) has been hard at work providing healthcare to women in the localities affected by the quake.

With grant funding from Direct Relief, the non-profit has launched a health caravan, essentially a clinic on wheels, that is providing sexual and reproductive health care and psychological support. Their team is also now able to undertake a preparedness and recovery training in reproductive health via a distance learning module provided by the Women’s Refugee Commission.