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‘Remain in Mexico’ Opens Old Wounds among Immigration Advocates

Immigration advocates are voicing frustration with the Biden administration over its court-ordered reimplementation of the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, saying the enforcement — and expansion — of a program it opposed in court shows the White House isn’t fighting the matter as aggressively as it could.

The new “Remain in Mexico” comes after the Supreme Court sided with Texas and Missouri, upholding lower court rulings that the Biden administration must implement the policy “in good faith” as it otherwise appeals the decision.

“This is a choice by the Biden administration. The Biden administration was not ordered by the court to expand Remain in Mexico to new populations. They are going well above and beyond the simple good faith compliance with the injunction that’s required of them to make this policy more cruel,” Ursela Ojeda with the Women’s Refugee Commission said on a call with reporters last week.