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Watch ICE Director Almost Have Human Emotion In PBS's 'Separated'

“Separated” offers us some heroes, like Michelle Brané of the Women's Refugee Commission, who says every time she met with Trump administration officials in 2017, they saw family separation as the magic solution to the problem of people asking for asylum — which, the program notes, is an international right recognized under US law. Brané later tells of a visit to a shelter for “tender age” children where she was told she could meet kids whose names and ages were on a list; she says she asked to see a baby (listed by name and “0 years”) and a two-year-old. The guards went to get them but came back and said when they called the names, no children answered. Apparently no babies answered to the name “Kafka” either. She says she suggested maybe talking to the adults in charge of the babies, but the guards just seemed confused and shook their heads.