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Biden Goes Silent After SCOTUS Gives Him Power to Nix Trump Immigration Policy

Last month, the Supreme Court cleared the way for the Biden administration to unwind a Trump-era policy that has forced thousands of asylum seekers to wait in Mexico, often in dangerous settings, for their U.S. court proceedings.

But having previously moved quickly to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy, the administration has suddenly decided to take its time.

Several advocates said they want to see the administration be more transparent on its plans for ending MPP and coordinate with local groups and NGOs. They also stressed quick action because of the dangers migrants enrolled in MPP face — including kidnapping and assault — the longer they wait in Mexico.

“The most important thing is to get people to safety and out of the insecurity they face in Mexico as quickly as possible,” said Katharina Obser, director of the migrant rights and justice program at the Women’s Refugee Commission. “We strongly hope they will act with urgency here to ensure people can, in fact, fairly and humanely pursue their asylum claims … after they’ve very publicly committed to doing this.”

In addition to Politico, this article was also featured in Yahoo! News.

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