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Gender and Social Inclusion

Letting Girls Be Girls

Walking my daughters to school this morning, I told them that they should celebrate because today is a special day for girls around the world. International Day of the Girl Child is a day to recognize the rights of girls and to reflect on the unique hardships many of them face. It’s also a day to honor their resilience, and their capacity—if given the right opportunities—to lead strong and healthy lives and to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Yet, for millions of girls, these opportunities do not exist. Those who are displaced by war or natural disaster live on the fringes, with little to no support. Their lives have been profoundly disrupted and changed; and, they are even less visible and more vulnerable than other girls. They may be living in camps or cities far from home. They may be compelled to take on added responsibilities to support themselves or their families. Some will be sexually exploited, abused or face other forms of violence as a result of being displaced. Many will be married at a young age, some by the age of 12 or 13.

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Gender and Social Inclusion