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Punished for not having a Jordanian father

Zahra Albarazi is a conducting research for the Women's Refugee Commission on statelessness in four countries. Read her blog on the situation for children of Jordanian mothers whose fathers aren't Jordanian, and therefore who don't have Jordanian citizenship. 

I have been working on the issue of statelessness for several years now. During this time, I have focused mainly on legal research and awareness raising work, and I have been continually fascinated by the legal intricacy statelessness unfolds.  Despite this interest, and despite having done previous field research on the issue, I do not think I truly comprehended the extent of the problem of statelessness until now.  Through my involvement in a project co-ordinated by the Women’s Refugee Commission, conducting advocacy-oriented research in four countries that maintain or have recently removed gender discrimination from their laws, I have had the opportunity to spend time with affected families.

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Rights and Justice