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  • Reports on Gender-based Violence

    Tools to Assess and Mitigate GBV among Urban Refugees

    Tools to Assess and Mitigate GBV among Urban Refugees thumbnail
    A set of practical tools to assess and mitigate gender-based violence risk for urban refugees.

    Nearly 60% of refugees live in cities, where they face significant risk of gender-based violence. Intersecting factors exacerbate their vulnerability, including marginalized employment, language, ethnicity, culture, disability, and sexual or gender identity. Perpetrators often assume, correctly, that urban refugees are unwilling or unable to seek police protection. 

    These tools, currently in pilot form, help practitioners to assess and respond to urban refugees' risks of gender-based violence. 

    Urban GBV Service Provision Mapping Tool

    Urban GBV Risk Assessment Tool: Complete Tool

    • Modified: Wednesday, July 25, 2018
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