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    Changes recommended in migrant processing

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    A federal advisory group is calling for significant changes to how the federal government deals with the surge of migrant families that officials say is overwhelming the southern border.

    ...But Katharina Obser of the Women’s Refugee Commission said many of the ideas in the report would only exacerbate the problem.

    Advisory group recommends changes to migrant processing

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    Katharina Obser of the Women's Refugee Commission said many of the ideas in the report would only exacerbate the problem.

    "It is long overdue for the government to invest its existing funds in a comprehensive, legal and humane approach to protection at our borders," she said, but many of the report's recommendations "would do little to better care for vulnerable families and children seeking protection in the United States."

    Department of Homeland Security Advisory Panel Wants Congress To Make It Easier To Keep Migrant Kids Detained

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    “The idea that we should be eliminating critical protections in our laws that are there to protect children and ensure that asylum seekers are protected is deeply problematic,” said Katharina Obser, senior policy advisor for migrant rights at the Women’s  Refugee Commission. “It’s been incredibly well documented that DHS’s current family detention practices are traumatizing and harmful, and to allow families to be detained for an even longer period of time is really concerning.”

    African, Syrian migrants in crosshairs of Libya war

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    A study last month by the Women’s Refugee Commission, a U.S.-based charity, said refugees and migrants trying to reach Italy through Libya were victims of horrific sexual violence.

    The abuse was commonplace along routes through North Africa: at border crossings and check points, during random stops by armed groups, and when migrants were kidnapped and held for ransom, said the report, titled “More Than One Million Pains”.

    WORLD Asylum for sale: Male refugees victimized by sexual violence say officials wanted bribes to help

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    It is not clear how many male refugees worldwide have been victims of sexual violence, though experts say the numbers are certainly high. Stigma and a lack of support often stop men from reporting what they have been through. A recent report by the Women's Refugee Commission listed sexual violence as a reason males leave their home countries to try and reach Europe, and found it was also "commonplace" against boys and men along smuggling routes in North Africa.

    Guilty of torture and rape by association – Europeʹs dirty secret

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    Employees of the Women's Refugee Commission interviewed survivors in Italy and, among other sources, spoke with crews of rescue ships. "On their journey through the desert, many refugees are kidnapped by human traffickers and armed groups or taken to official prisons," Sarah Chynoweth, the study's author, explained. She confirmed that violence, including sexual torture, is common in these camps: "It is filmed in order to put pressure on families to send money for their relatives' release. Those who cannot pay are re-sold or murdered."

    Report Chronicles Killings and Sexual Violence in EU-funded Libyan Refugee Detention Centers

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    The horrific violence, torture and dehumanization faced by the refugees fleeing to Europe in detention centers in Libya has been documented with disturbing details in a recent report. The document was released by the Women's Refugee Commission last week. The security personnel are trained and funded in millions by the European Union (EU) to stop the refugees from crossing the Mediterranean.

    More work to do to empower refugees: UNHCR Deputy High Commissioner Kelly Clements

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    In March, the Women’s Refugee Commission published a report about widespread sexual violence, exploitation and torture in Libya. Other agencies, including the German Foreign Office, have confirmed that conditions in some detention centers in Libya resemble "concentration-camp-like conditions." 

    Male refugees commonly experience sexual violence on the route to Europe

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    In the hopes of making migration routes safer and improving responsive care, the commission, a rights advocacy group for displaced women and children, took a deeper look (pdf) at the experiences of men and boys who identify as males, as well as gay, transgender, and bisexual men. They found that while sexual violence is one of many reasons thousands of migrants and refugees leave their homes for Europe, it is also something they encounter—sometimes repeatedly—along the route.

    From Migrants to Pirates: How Identities Change During Mediterranean Passage

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    recent report by the Women’s Refugee Commission has shown what has been widely known and documented before: the abyssal and systematic forms of violence that migrants are exposed to when seeking to reach and then leave the northern shore of Africa. The details of their suffering in Libya stretches the imagination of cruelty, with rape, torture, exploitation, and extortion being everyday experiences.

    The EU must unite to save lives in the Mediterranean and stabilise Libya

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    In overcrowded facilities, at least 5,000 migrants and refugees suffer abuses and live in inhumane conditions as regularly denounced by countless reports, including the latest report by the Women’s Refugee Commission on routine sexual abuses of women in detention centres. Outside confinement, migrant workers have increasingly become vulnerable to extortion, kidnapping and abduction.

    Border Patrol struggles with surge of migrants in El Paso, Texas

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    The latest symbol of Trump administration immigration enforcement is a group of migrants confined to a chain-link enclosure under a bridge in El Paso, Texas.

    Customs and Border Protection officials have said the Border Patrol is holding immigrants in the makeshift cell because they can’t keep up with screening the hundreds of immigrants coming to the border daily and the thousands arriving weekly.


    Ursela Ojeda, a policy adviser at the Women’s Refugee Commission, an advocacy group for women and children refugees, said CBP got $500 million from Congress in a recent spending bill, which included money for medical care, transportation and food and other consumables.

    Men and women routinely raped trying to cross Libya to get to Europe

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    Migrants trying to reach Europe face routine rape and sexual torture throughout their journey, according to graphic new research. Men are abused nearly as much as women and experts have described finding mass graves of men who have had their genitals hacked off.

    Men are abused nearly as much as women and experts have described finding mass graves of men who have had their genitals hacked off.

    Libya has over 670,000 migrants according to UNHCR

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    Radio clip about WRC's new report on sexual violence against men and boys traveling the Central Mediterranean route to Europe starts at 18:30 minutes.

    Abuse on male refugee on the rise in Libya (radio)

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    Reports of sexual violence against refugee and migrant women and girls are sadly nothing new, but what about horrific attacks on men and boys who are on the move?

    Widespread torture and rape documented in Libya's refugee camps

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    An increasing number of refugees are being tortured and raped in Libya, a new study has found. The perpetrators, motivated by greed, sadism and the desire for power, include local European Union partners.

    Study shows sexual torture widespread for migrants seeking Europe

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    Boys forced to rape their sisters, women sexually assaulted until they bleed to death and men's genitals cut off: Survivors reveal 'unbelievable' horrors faced by refugees in Libya

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    Previous studies have found that nearly all women who cross from North Africa have been raped or sexually abused along the journey, but this report found that the danger was likely nearly as prevalent among men.

    The graphic study based on dozens of interviews with aid workers and migrants was released on Monday by the Women's Refugee Commission.

    AFRICAN NEWSStudy Shows Majority Of African Migrants In Libya Face Rape And Torture Trying To Reach Europe

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    A new study by an N.G.O. has revealed that many African migrants attempting to reach Europe are often raped and tortured and also forced into incestual relationships.  The study says smugglers, especially in Libya, torture migrants and film the attacks on Skype to extract ransom money from their families.

    Male migrants raped and sexually abused as routinely as women, study finds

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    “Sexual violence against female and male refugees and migrants appears to be widespread along the migration route, particularly in Libya, where profoundly cruel and brutal sexual violence and torture are perpetrated in official detention centres and clandestine prisons, during random stops and checkpoints, and in the context of forced labour and enslavement. The fact that refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean are intercepted and forced back into this violence is untenable,” [said Sarah Chynoweth, author of the report].