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Women’s Refugee Commission Responds to New Memoranda on Border and Immigration Enforcement Executive Orders

Washington, DC — The Trump administration has released new memoranda on the implementation of its January 25 Executive Orders on border and immigration enforcement. These memoranda instruct federal authorities to bypass due process and enforce draconian measures, including expanding the use of a summary deportation process known as expedited removal, the dramatic expansion of immigration detention, the hiring of thousands of additional border and enforcement agents, turning back asylum seekers at our borders, eroding protection for unaccompanied children, and even punishing parents for trying to save their children’s lives.

The policies will increase those immigrants prioritized for apprehension and deportation, including those who are already living in the United States and those seeking protection at our borders. The Women’s Refugee Commission stands in opposition to these guidelines, and urges the Administration to reverse course, as they criminalize and endanger women and children who are seeking safety, and force separation upon vulnerable families.

For more information concerning these issues, please contact:

Michelle Brané, Director of the Migrants Rights and Justice Program at Women’s Refugee Commission, MichelleB@wrcommission.org. Michelle is available for interviews in English and Spanish. 

Katharina Obser, Senior Program Officer in the Women’s Refugee Commission’s Migrant Rights and Justice program, KatharinaO@wrcommission.org.


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