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Global Refugee Forum 2023

Global Refugee Forum 2023 Multistakeholder Pledge: Protection – Ending Statelessness


The Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) proudly announced a series of pledges at the Global Refugee Forum 2023, including this multistakeholder pledge with the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights and partners on ending statelessness. The forum is the largest international gathering on refugees, held December 13-15 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Impact Statement: The Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights (GCENR) will support the establishment and work of the multistakeholder initiative, the Global Alliance to End Statelessness, including by sharing expertise on ending gender discrimination in nationality laws.

Pledge: The Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights (GCENR) pledges to become an active member of the Global Alliance to End Statelessness,” to provide input and support to the Alliance regarding efforts to end gender discrimination in nationality laws, and to share learnings and good practices based on GCENR coalition members’ expertise efforts to advance equal nationality rights. GCENR will specifically contribute to working groups with a focus on ending discrimination in nationality laws and ending childhood statelessness, as well as the Alliance’s communications and engagement strategies.

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