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Letter to Biden administration

More than 70+ Civil and Immigrant Rights Organizations Denounce Racially Motivated Texas Shooting


The Women’s Refugee Commission joined 75 other organizations to urge the Biden administration to heed recommendations in this letter after one migrant man was fatally shot and one migrant woman was critically injured near El Paso, Texas, in September 2022:

  1. Suspend any enforcement measures, including criminal prosecution or the removal or expulsion of these individuals
  2. Refrain from prosecuting any survivors and witnesses in USMS custody and ensure that all survivors have prompt access to medical and mental health care from a safe location in the United States
  3. Launch a federal investigation into these shootings to provide independent oversight and accountability given the horrors inflicted on Mr. Sepúlveda, Ms. Casias Carrillo, and other surviving witnesses
  4. Review and investigate white supremacist rhetoric and behavior within existing detention facilities, federal immigration personnel, contractors, and collaborating law enforcement agencies
  5. Direct ICE, USMS, Customs and Border Protection, and collaborating law enforcement agencies to issue formal guidelines for agents prohibiting association, active participation, and support for white nationalist, unauthorized paramilitary, and other extremist groups, consistent with the First Amendment, to enhance transparency and accountability and ensure appropriate discipline. Develop and enforce clear policies to investigate and take disciplinary action in response to violations.
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