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  • Gender-based Violence

    Sexual Violence Project

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    In addition to women and girls, boys and men are targeted for sexual violence in many conflicts, and they are vulnerable to sexual violence, abuse and exploitation during flight and in displacement as well. Unaccompanied boys, boys and men with disabilities, boys and men in detention, and sexual and gender minorities are particularly at risk.

    In humanitarian settings, sensitized services for male and female sexual violence survivors are frequently absent, weak or ad hoc. Protection mechanisms for at-risk boys and men are also not systematically in place. Without appropriate, dignified care, male survivors–like female survivors–often suffer debilitating psychological, physical and/or social consequences. The wives, daughters, mothers and other female family and community members are also impacted by this violence.

    In January 2018, the Women's Refugee Commission launched a three-year project to help improve interventions to protect forcibly displaced boys and men from sexual violence as well as expand good quality programs for male survivors. The impact of male-directed violence on women and girls is also being explored. We are committed to improving humanitarian response for male and female survivors, which creates safer, healthier communities for everyone.

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    For more information, contact Dr. Sarah Chynoweth, Sexual Violence Project Director/Consultant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.