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  • Women in Nepal


    Is Germany Failing Female Refugees?

    “These things that weren’t expensive to solve, that would’ve gone a long way to improving women’s safety and dignity, were completely overlooked,” says Marcy Hersh, WRC senior advocacy officer.

    Creating Safe Spaces and Strengthening Girls’ Social Assets through Disability Inclusion

    This photo essay describes how girls with disabilities (ages 10 – 19 years) are included in program planning and activities run by women’s organizations in the Chechen Republic, Russian Federation.

    To view the Russian version of this photo gallery click here.

    Report on Interviews with Returnee Women and Girls in Herat Provonce, Afghanistan

    Sixty returnee women and girls from rural areas of Herat were interviewed between July 26th and August 7th, 2000.

    Protecting Children in Armed Conflict: Blueprints for Compliance

    This report is a call to action urging the UN Security Council members, the UN System, regional bodies, civil society, and national governments to respond with the resources and remedies proportionate to the grave state of affairs for children in armed conflict around the globe.

    Caught In the Crossfire: Displaced Colombians At Risk of Trafficking

    UN agency reports, NGOS and others have confirmed that Colombians are trafficked into Ecuador for commercial sex work and other forms of forced labor.

    Education during humanitarian emergencies: The situation of displaced children and youth in Darfur..

    The Women's Commission is partnering with the Population Council to document how education can help protect children in conflict situations. Darfur will serve as the case study for the two-year qualitative and quantitative research study. The research will make the case for increased funding for education from the onset of an emergency to ensure the greatest protective impact.

    Refugee Policy Adrift: The United States and Dominican Republic Deny Haitians Protection

    Interviews with Haitian women who spent months in U.S. detention before they eventually were denied asylum and repatriated to Haiti.

    If Not Now, When? Addressing Gender-based Violence in Refugee, Internally Displaced, and Post...

    A two year global Gender-based Violence Initiative aimed at improving gender-based violence in refugee, internally displaced, and post-conflict settings.

    INEE Guidance Notes on Teacher Compensation

    These Guidance Notes address a critical challenge to quality education and provide a suggested framework for compensating teachers. Intended for education authorities and staff within UN agencies, teachers unions, community-based organizations, NGOs and donors.
    Also available: Teacher Compensation User's Guide and Feedback form