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  • Women in Nepal

    Gender-based Violence


    "Will you listen?": Young Voices from Conflict Zones

    This youth report will accompany the official 10 year Graca Machel Strategic Review report that will be submitted to the UN General Assembly on October 17, 2007. It compiles the views and recommendations from more than 1,700 young people from 92 countries through focus group discussions (including Women's Commission research in northern Uganda and Sierra Leone) and an online questionnaire.

    Protecting Children in Armed Conflict: Blueprints for Compliance thumbnail

    Protecting Children in Armed Conflict: Blueprints for Compliance

    This report is a call to action urging the UN Security Council members, the UN System, regional bodies, civil society, and national governments to respond with the resources and remedies proportionate to the grave state of affairs for children in armed conflict around the globe.

    Listening to Youth: The Experiences of Young People in Northern Uganda thumbnail

    Listening to Youth: The Experiences of Young People in Northern Uganda

    In May 2007, the Women's Commission visited northern Uganda to meet young people and gather their opinions and ideas with respect to the five themes of the Machel Study 10-year Strategic Review: consequences of the conflict; coping strategies; participation in decision-making; peace and reconciliation; and recommendations for the local, national and international community.
    Also available: Summary Report, Report to contributors (English), Report to contributors (Luo)


    "We Want Birth Control": Reproductive Health Findings in Northern Uganda

    The Women's Commission and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) conducted a reproductive health (RH) assessment among the conflict-affected populations of northern Uganda in February 2007. Northern Uganda has been embroiled in a civil war for almost 20 years, resulting in the displacement of approximately 1.5 million people. The assessment team visited the districts of Kitgum and Pader and also visited a youth center and clinic in Gulu. In general, the findings revealed that although some basic services were in place, many were sorely lacking.
    Also available: A follow-up to group discussions, Summary report and Report to contributors (Luo)

    Untapped Potential: Displaced Youth thumbnail

    Untapped Potential: Displaced Youth

    A four-pager on our displaced youth program. Youth, a stage of life marked by uncertainty, change and challenge, is a time of enormous potential, enthusiasm and energy, when young people make choices based on available opportunities to plan for their transition to adulthood.

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