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Top 5 Critical Needs of Refugees Women in Emergencies

  1. Prevention of Sexual and Gender-based Violence: Lights, cooking fuel, separate latrines.
  2. Response to Sexual and Gender-based Violence: Medical services, psychosocial support.
  3. Safe DeliverySkilled birth attendants, clean delivery kits.
  4. Reproductive Health Care: Contraceptives, emergency contraception.
  5. Visibility: Where are adolescent girls, women-headed households, pregnant women, persons with disabilities?


Top 5 Needs of Refugee Women in Long-term Displacement

  1. Due Process: Access to the legal systems that protect refugees’ rights.
  2. Livelihoods: Income generation that mitigates increased risk.
  3. Safe Spaces: Physical spaces where adolescent girls are safe and where there are services and mentors.  
  4. Prevention of and Response to Sexual and Gender-based Violence: Continuing programs.
  5. Reproductive health care: Facilities, personnel and supplies for ongoing needs.