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  • American Civil Liberties Union sues Trump over asylum order

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    Michelle Brane, Director of Migrant Rights and Justice at the Women's Refugee Commission, also joins the panel of MSNBC’s Frances Rivera.

    'People will die': Obama official's stark warning as Trump slashes refugee numbers

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    “There is no question that from the very beginning this administration had a goal to shut down or extremely limit the refugee program,” said Michelle Brané, director of the migrant rights and justice program at the Women’s Refugee Commission.

    Trump officials end policy exempting pregnant immigrants from detention

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    Michelle Brané, director of the Migrant Rights and Justice Program with the Women’s Refugee Commission, criticized the move and said many women entering the United States were pregnant due to rape.

    “Detention is especially traumatic for pregnant women and even more so for victims of rape and gender-based violence,” she said in a statement.

    Trump administration to detain more pregnant immigrants, ending previous policy

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    Immigrant advocates immediately slammed the new policy, saying it would lead to many more pregnant potential asylum seekers in detention. Many women are raped in their journey to the border, resulting in the pregnancy, or it could be part of their claim to asylum, said Michelle Brané, director of migrants rights at the Women's Refugee Commission, a national nonprofit.

    U.S. ends presumed freedom for pregnant immigrants

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