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Children at the Border Raise Question of Who Is a Refugee

Many of the children and families arriving at America's southern doorstep, overwhelming shelters and navigating an already clogged system, are fleeing unrelenting violence or economic destitution.

But does that make them refugees? Not in the eyes of the law….

“The overall focus on stemming the flow and reinforcing borders along with this very strong message to children and families that they should not come because they will sent back really raises concerns of violations of international law,” said Michelle Bran√©, director of the migrant and justice program at the Women's Refugee Comission, a non-profit.

She said one of the basic tenets of refugee law, solidified after the Holocaust with the Refugee Convention, forbids rendering of a true victim of persecution or torture to their persecutor.

Read the article on NBC News and watch the second video clip.