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ReliefWeb: Immigrants’ Rights Organizations Urge the Biden Administration to Permanently End Remain in Mexico and Title 42 Policies

ReliefWeb highlighted a letter signed by more than 242 immigrants’ rights organizations and led by the Women’s Refugee Commission urging the Biden administration to terminate the Remain in Mexico and Title 42 policies, as well as restore access to asylum.

We, the undersigned 242 organizations, write in dismay at the administration’s decision to expand the Remain in Mexico policy and deploy it in tandem with Title 42 in order to turn away to danger families and individuals who are seeking safety in the United States. Nearly eleven months since taking office, this administration continues to violate U.S. asylum law and evade U.S. treaty obligations by blocking and returning asylum seekers to places where their lives and safety are in peril. We urge the administration to terminate these harmful, illegal policies and ensure that people fleeing persecution and torture can request asylum and other protections at the border, including at ports of entry.