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ReliefWeb: On Eve of Generation Equality Forum, Women’s Refugee Commission Calls on World Leaders to Take Bold Action for Displaced Women and Girls

ReliefWeb highlights the Women’s Refugee Commission’s statement on its call for world leaders to take bold action for displaced women and girls on the eve of the 2021 Generation Equality Forum in Paris.

“As a leading humanitarian donor, the United States has the platform in Paris to make meeting the needs of displaced women and girls a critical priority in advancing gender equality,” said Sarah Costa, executive director of the Women’s Refugee Commission. “The U.S. and its partners already have recognized that exclusion, gender-based violence, and poor access to reproductive health services in humanitarian settings, for example, disproportionately affect women and girls. Now, at this convening of global actors to set a bold agenda for achieving gender equality, recognition must go beyond rhetoric and translate into real action. We are hopeful that Vice President Harris will put forward U.S. commitments that will move the world – including the humanitarian community – forward in reaching equality.”