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Seeking Medical Care, One Family Races Anticipated US Border Restrictions

Medellin, Colombia – Victor Hidalgo Lopez had already carried his three-year-old daughter through 10 countries by the time they reached Mexico.

Along the way, they used long hours on the road to prepare for their destination, the United States.

Among the possible changes lawmakers are discussing could be stricter standards for screening “credible fear” interviews, wherein asylum seekers make the case they face persecution abroad.

Another proposal reported in the media would allow border agents to forgo asylum screenings altogether when their offices are overwhelmed with applicants. There have also been talks of expediting the deportation process.

But immigration advocates say asylum is critical for people who have no other option to seek safety.

“People are just fleeing dangerous conditions immediately and don’t have time to wait,” said Melina Roche, campaign manager for the humanitarian advocacy group Welcome with Dignity. “[Asylum] is a life-saving pathway.”