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Shining Light Through a Dark Flight: Gauthier, Harris, & Tasjan Headline Refugee Fundraiser 12/14

Refugees often flee in darkness and danger.
They can use an assist.
Lanterns, meanwhile, provide light.

It’s a simple metaphor for a complicated problem. Dually based out of New York and Washington, the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) defines itself as being, ‘…on the front lines in protecting the rights and lives of women and children fleeing danger and crisis.’ Reproductive rights and freedom of sexual and/or gender identity play a significant role in refugee populations, making the WRC an extremely worthy benefactor of queer fundraising.

Enter The Lantern Tour.

A recurring series of annual live concert events staged to benefit the WRC that began in 2018, the 2022 Nashville edition of the Lantern Tour, to be held at City Winery on December 14, is definitely of special interest to fans of Country Queer.

Learn more about The Lantern Tour.