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Taliban Says It Will Be More Tolerant Toward Women. Some Fear Otherwise.

In some parts of Afghanistan, including Kabul, a generation of girls grew up in a world completely different from the one their parents knew.

The Taliban’s return to the city and consolidation of power this week appeared to bring those nearly two decades of change, including hard-won rights for women, crashing down.

“Thousands of women put their lives at risk over the last two decades to advance the rights of women and girls across Afghanistan, many of whom helped the U.S. mission,” said Gayatri Patel, vice president for external relations at the Women’s Refugee Commission, in a Sunday statement. “The Biden administration has a moral obligation to ensure they are evacuated and safely resettled.”

In addition to The Washington Post, this article appeared in MSN, The Houston Chronicle, and the Midland Reporter Telegram.

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