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War survivor Mariatu Kamara speaks for children at risk in conflict

Mariatu Kamara, former Voices of Courage honoree, is featured in story by the Christian Science Monitor.

Mariatu Kamara has just arrived in Ottawa to help promote an exhibition on women civilians caught in the crossfire of conflicts at the Canadian War Museum. Ms. Kamara, who lived through the civil war in Sierra Leone, hopes events like this will help raise awareness about the impact of war on civilians, particularly children.

Kamara has been recognized for her work championing the cause of war victims by the Women's Refugee Commission, based in New York City, which honored her with a Voice of Courage award. Liv Ullmann, the award-winning actress and cofounder of the commission, commended Kamara for her “incredible resilience in the face of adversity, for her compassion, and for her quest to tirelessly advocate for refugees and the displaced.”

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