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Global Refugee Youth Consultations

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A series of global consultations with refugee youth to place them at the center of humanitarian decision-making processes

Refugee youth are often left out of humanitarian activities and programmes; their skills, capabilities, aspirations and needs are unrecognised and misunderstood. The Global Refugee Youth Consultations bring together refugee and host country youth (aged 15 – 24) in consultations in countries around the world. Together, they discuss the challenges they face, their visions for the future and the support they need.

Lead by the Women's Refugee Commission and the UNHCR, these consultations culminated in a global consultation in Geneva in June 2016 and the participation of refugee youth in the 2016 annual UNHCR-NGO Consultations, whose overarching theme is "Youth." A final report of findings and recommendations from the Global Refugee Youth Consultations was launched in Geneva in September 2016.

Final Report

A culmination of findings and recommendations from GRYCs held around the world between Oct. 2015-Jun. 2016. The report details the most pressing challenges refugee youth face and is a road map for action for all those engaged in humanitarian response.

Executive Summary

Overview of the GRYC Final Report

Consultation Toolkit

Parallel consultations with refugee youth around the world are feeding into final report. This toolkit provides guidance on how to run the sessions, select youth, manage facilitators and interpreters, take notes, and report back.

Summary Reports (PDFs)

An overview of the structure and findings from each of the regional consultations.

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