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Global Coalition Launches First-Ever Tool to Measure Refugee Self-Reliance

The Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative (RSRI) launched the first-ever global tool to measure progress of refugee households on their paths to self-reliance. The landmark tool—the Self-Reliance Index (SRI)—is designed to help humanitarian organizations enhance the social and economic ability of refugees both to meet their needs in a sustainable manner and to withstand environmental shocks such as an economic crisis or global pandemic.

Measuring the Self-Reliance of Refugees

This article in the Journal of Refugee Studies analyzes how we know whether a refugee household is self-reliant if this is not measured? Although self-reliance has been promoted as a critical assistance strategy for refugees in recent years, there have been limited attempts to rigorously measure the concept. This field report introduces a new measurement tool to assess the movement toward self-reliance among refugee households.

Jobs and Livelihoods, Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative

Global Refugee Forum 2019 Pledge This pledge highlights an initial two-year commitment to expand the use and support for the Self-Reliance Index to measure self-reliance, increase access to self-reliance programming, and advocate to ensure an enabling environment conducive for self-reliance. This pledge aims to improve standards of practice for refugee assistance and will contribute to … Continued

Facilitating and Measuring Self-Reliance and Economic Inclusion

Thursday, 4 July, 2019, 11:00-16:00, UNHCR GENEVA, CICG, Room 4 Join us for an interactive session to explore measuring, advocating, and programming for self-reliance and economic inclusion through the lens of collective action. UNHCR NGO Consultations. Learn more about the

Refugee women’s path to equality and self-reliance

For more than 100 years, March 8 has been celebrated as International Women’s Day. And for more than 100 years, the day has provided a chance to take stock of the status of women and women’s rights around the world. While it’s indisputable that the situation has improved for some women, there’s still a long … Continued

When refugee displacement drags on, is self-reliance the answer?

But how do you know if a refugee is really self-reliant?  Women’s Refugee Commission (of which I am on the board and a commissioner, respectively) both began developing indicators to determine when refugees achieve self-reliance and are now working with 16 humanitarian actors in a 

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