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Quiz: How Well Do You Understand the Situation for Refugees?

Around the world, people are being forcibly displaced from their homes and communities in record numbers due to crisis, conflict, human rights violations, climate change, and other catastrophic events. The majority are women and children. It seems like the crises are everywhere and are never ending, making it hard to keep up with the news and understand the impact on people forced to flee. The Women’s Refugee Commission has put together this quiz to test your knowledge about the situation for today’s refugees.

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Refugee women and children in Ethiopia

How Well Do You Understand the Situation for Today’s Refugees?

Test your knowledge about refugees.

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How many people are forcibly displaced globally?

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Of the forcibly displaced people worldwide, how many are children (under the age of 18)?

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Under the Trump administration, 5,569 children were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border due to the administration’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. How many children remained separated as of November 2023?

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WRC studies have shown that contraception is often not available to women in conflict settings, when it is crucial for their health. Which of these things would improve access to contraception for refugee women?

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During some humanitarian crises, what percentage of women will experience sexual or physical violence?

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The average score is 61%


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